Since the age of about 8yrs old I've had a camera in my hand. My sister was my first model and since she was just starting her teen years it was a match made in heaven...lol. Over the years I picked up and put down my camera until my oldest son was born in 2002. At that time I picked up my camera and never put it back down.

     I started my business, Taria Reed Photography, in 2005 and I focused on photographing weddings, children, and families. Over the next few years my focus has shifted to babies, children, families, and women. In July of 2011 I was asked by an indy author if I could redesign her book cover. Up until that point I only played around in photo shop creating art pieces to hone my skills. I accepted the commission and was very pleased with the results. I found that I really enjoyed the creative process of cover design so I began devouring any and all information I could find to become better at it. In August 2011 I got my first break with two publishers whom I'm proud to say still work with me to this day. 

     Ok, so now that I had a successful photography business, and a pretty great design business I began feeling a bit restless. As a photographer I was stuck in a creative rut since I mainly photographed children, and as a designer I was frustrated because I could never find what I wanted on the major stock sites. I got an assignment in 10/2012 and the author was so specific with regards to what the characters wore i just KNEW I'd never find the image I wanted via the usual places and so I decided that I could hire models and shoot the image I wanted. I quickly worked on a sketch so I knew what I needed to get and could do so quickly since models can get pricey if they charge per hour. Did I mention that I can't draw? I went on ebay to order a few costume items, then I begged my mother (who makes most of my studio costumes) to make me a long white dress.  Then I found two souls willing to come to my home studio so I could get the photo I needed. All of that hard work and planning resulted in the Taker of Life cover by F. L. Bicknell


 I told you I couldn't draw.....lol.

      After that I started shooting the images for my book cover designs whenever I could. 

     In March 2013 I joined a cover artist group and quickly became good friends with the talented ladies there. I would hear their frustration about not being able to find a certain stock image so I'd offer to shoot it. After a bit, they were pushing me hard to actually shoot stock seriously and sell it to those who may need those harder to find images. It took me 5 months to stop and listen to them and in July of 2013 The Reed Files was born. I honestly have never been more professionally fulfilled in my life. I love waking up to do my job, I love when I have stock shoots or custom book cover shoots scheduled, and I love seeing my images on someone's cover. It's one of the best feelings in the world.

     Thanks C.A.U. for giving me that last push I needed to get my butt in gear ;o)

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